South Africa Queen Saado Ali Warsame finally comes to South Africa, after much anticipation and yearning by SSC patriots and Somalis alike to see the queen live and to hear her beautiful SSC words, she has indeed granted the wishes of her supporters by coming to the country at last.

The Queen’s flight landed at the Johannesburg International Airport approximately 11am Johannesburg time today, where crowd of Somali people, SSC people and Ogadenia people awaited to show their unified support for her bravery, courage, beauty to shine above and beyond her league and to defend just and righteous when most turned away.

Queen Saado Ali’s is not only loved for the depth of the meaning intertwined in her songs but also the ‘sound’ of her voice is totally unique and priceless.

Queen Saado Ali’s followers come in all shapes, sizes and accents, she truly is the ‘Queen without Borders’, the extent of turn out in every country she visits gives us all a glimpse of her worldwide supporters and the number of hearts she has touched without realising. It is difficult to think of a single Somali lady for the past two decades that has managed to have such an impact, even those who refuse to notice for prejudice and tribalistic reasons admit her extraordinary ooze among our generation.

She is a true patriot, her selfless voicing for what she believes is just rather than what she thinks people ought to hear is worth admiring. Her ability to capture crowds of people around the world is worth respecting and of course her beautiful rhymes of ‘dal qudha’ or ‘one country’ is worth memorising and teaching future generations so that they would inject that same aura of patriotism to those that will live the end of time.