Are you a Somali Singer/Song Writer/Muscian? Have you recently created or thinking about creating your own songs? Well, we want to hear from you!

We are always excited when people contact us about their new songs and we are now at a stage where we are actively looking for new Somali Artists with original songs.

The first person we would like to introduce is Arke. Arke contacted us quite a while ago, however, since we were very busy it’s only now that we can introduce him.

Arke aims to make  honest music, whilst not going overboard with expressing reality be it negative or positive. This  talented rapper currently located in Switzerland has decided to use the rap name Arke rather than using a birth name which Somali Musicians tend to do quiet often.

Arke says that he is “doing music for the love of doing music” as he doubts many Af-Soomaali Rappers are making a living off Somali Rap Music. Arke’s aim is to help cement a foundation for Af-Soomaali Rap, that’s why he is passionately holding the shovel with both hands!

Currently Arke has made 6 songs,  You can find some of these songs and future songs in his section on Somali Music.

You must remember, Arke produces some of his Music, writes  all his songs and raps in these songs. He is currently not backed by a studio and is not signed to a record label. Yet he still makes these amazing raw demos on his own! It is very rare for a musician to perform all aspects of music productions themselves.

These two  songs in particular are a favourite of ours:

Illaahoow Iga Gudoonsii Salaan by Arke and Caawo by Arke

As always, you the listeners are encouraged to give constructive criticism to these artists using the comment form at the bottom of the page of every song.

If you would like us to demo your songs on just contact us!