When we created the Somali Music website we wanted to create a place that allowed anyone to have access to Somali Music on a clean and simple platform that was both complete and correct.

To make the final step true, the completeness and correctness of the Somali Music site we need your help! We appreciate everyone that can lend a hand with this. It will only take 10 seconds of your time and will ultimately improve the site for everyone, including yourself!

Here is what we are asking everyone to do:

When you are listening to a song and you spot a mistake, it could be things like:

  • The song name is incorrect or spelt wrong or just shows “Track 1” etc
  • When the Song Playing does not match the Song Name or Artist Name
  • When the song image is incorrect

If any of the above is true or you find other problems.  Pleas click the “Report” tab and report the problem with your correction, we will then receive this report and action it.

Report Song Screenshot