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Facebook ma faa’iidaa, mise waa faduul?

Posted on 29. Apr, 2011 by admin in News

Facebook waxaa isticmaala shan boqol oo milyan (500, 000, 000) oo ruux, oo ka mid ah dadka aduunka ku nool. Sanadkan waxaa la sheegay in uu facebook qiimihiisu uu yahay kontan bilyan oo dollar-ka Maraykanka ($50 billion USD). Heerkan wuxu ku gaadhay todobo sano oo kaliya. Waxaana sandkii hore laga sameeyay filim la yidhaahdo “The Social Network”.

Facebook waa ganacsi wanaagsan. Lakiinn Facebook isticmaalkiisu ma faa’iidaa mise waa faduul? Waxaad akhridaan qodabadan hoose oo ina tusaya xumaantiis iyo wanaagiisa:

  • Facebook wuxuu hoose u dhigaa wax qabadka shaqo ee dadweynaha aduunka.
  • Facebook wuxuu waxyeelo u leeyahay caruurta.
  • Facebook wuxuu inaga jaraa aduunka nolosha dhabta ah.
  • Facebook wuxuu abuuraa walwal iyo xanuun deganaan la,aaneed oo dadweynaha dhexdiisa ah.

Hadiiba aad adigu sifiican u isticmaashid, kolayba waxaa si dadban kuu soo gaadhi xumaanta saaxiibkaa saaxiibkiis.

Lakiin facebook xumaan uun ma aha. Facebook wuxu ku fiicanyahay:

  • Si  sahal ah ayaad ula xidhidhi qoyskaaga iyo asaxaabtaada
  • Si dhib yar ayaad saaxiibo ku samaysan kartaa
  • Wax badan ayaad ka baran kartaa saaxiibada Facebook

Si gaar ah waxaan isleeyahay Fanaaniintu way ka faa’iidaysan karaan Facebook, hadii ay samaystaan golo faneed “Fan page”. Sidan hoose oo kale;

  • Fanaaniintu way kordhin karaan taageerayaashooda fanka.
  • Fanaaniintu waxay toos ula hadli karaan taareega faneedyadooda.
  • Fanaaniitu si toos ah ayey taageerayaashooda u gaadhsiin karaan marka ay hees cusub soo saaraan.


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Top 10 Somali Wedding Songs

Posted on 12. Apr, 2011 by admin in News

A wedding is a special time for two people to confirm their love and to trust each other. Everybody wants their wedding to be perfect and having the perfect music is very important, especially for the guests to enjoy! Here is our top 10 wedding songs. We have also allowed you to download these 10 songs. Enjoy!

  • Aroos Wacan by Mustafa TT
  • Aroos by Abdi Holland FT Farhia Fiska
  • Dawadii Nafteyda Abdijabaar AJ
  • Arooskeena by Fuad Omar
  • Sidaad ii Ogeyd by Deeqa Ahmed
  • Raabi iyo Saado by Nimco Dareen and Qoomaal
  • Arooska Wanaagsan by Deeqa Ahmed
  • Aroos Farxad leh Saxibayaal by Omar Shooli
  • Aroos by Abdi Baadil
  • Dhamac Jaceyl (Dhag Dhag) by Farxiya Fiska

We added Dhamac Jaceyl (Dhag Dhag) by Farxiya Fiska even though its not really a wedding song, but its so good, it deserves a spot in this list!
Free Download! Download Ciid Songs

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Nimco Dareen – Waraysi Radio and TV Samadoon

Posted on 12. Apr, 2011 by admin in News

Please note, we are unsure of this shows legitimacy. It seems to contain clips from previous interviews as well as a claimed phone call with Nimco Dareen. It is unclear if its genuine, it would be great if the producers of this show can confirm or anyone else that might know.

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Top 10 Somali Music Videos

Posted on 23. Mar, 2011 by admin in News

There have been many Somali music videos produced and we have compiled the top 10. This was a very difficult task as we had to leave out quite a few that we really liked! Amongst many others criteria, we used the camera quality, the choreography, and the thought that went into the video to judge the music videos. Let us know, if we missed out on great music videos!

1) Deeqa by Aar Maanta

Artist: Aar Maanta
Song: Deeqa
Studio: Riyo Films
Directed by: Riyo Films

Comment: This was such a compelling music video that we just had to make it number 1. In fact, there is a small film in this music video with real meaning. You can see there was use of a professional technical team. A well deserved position as our chosen top music video.

2)  Samir by Gulled Ahmed and Fartun Cumar

Artist: Gulled Ahmed and Fartun Cumar
Song: Samir
Studio: Mali Entertainment
Directed by: Heykal

Comment: A well thought out video that gets its message across. We especially liked Fartuun Cumar’s earrings and dress to show the Somali flag. We are not sure if this was intentional or not!

3) Hubaal by Farxiya Kabayare

Artist: Farxiya Kabayare
Song: Hubaal
Studio: Mali Entertainment
Directed by: Heykal

Comment: A fantastic video, beautiful scenery and I think a Rolls Royce in the video? And you can’t beat Farxiya Kabayare’s winning smile that dazzles any place she seems to be.

4)  Dhadhami by Aar Maanta

Artist: Aar Maanta
Song: Dhadhami
Studio: Maanta Music
Directed by: Maanta Music

Comment: Aar Maanta does it again with another great music video. We like his style, modern music and modern videos yet still in touch with his roots and culture.

5) Gaarsiiya by Ikraan Caraale

Artist: Ikraan Caraale
Song: Gaarsiiya
Studio: unknown
Directed by: Abdinasir Cirro

Comment: Wow, Ikraan Caraale looks great in sunglasses! The scenery was amazing, good camera angles and  a great song.

6)  Qamar by Ahmed Nani

Artist: Ahmed Nani
Song: Qamar
Producer: Fadumo Ali
Directed by: M J Sirat
Editor: Abdinasir Cirro

Comment: A newcomer to the Somali music scene and he blew us away with this video. Great voice, great video and some pretty cool dancing.

7) Adoo Kale by Fuad Cumar

Artist: Fuad Cumar
Song: Adoo Kale
Studio: Eagle Media Pro
Directed by: Ibrahim Eagle

Comment: With a stunning high quality camera making Fuad Cumars voice stand out even more so than usual, this had to be in our top 10 list.

8) Suuban by Mohamed Afary and Fartuun Cumar

Artist: Mohamed Afary and Fartuun Cumar
Song: Suuban
Cam/Edit: Barkhad Abdi
Directed by: Barkhad Abdi

Comment: Fartuun Cumar seems to be in a lot of the top music videos and for good reason. A great voice and she can dance! Great camera sills too and an after video production.

9) Haraad by Hussein Shire and Shamsa Mohamed Foot

Artist: Hussein Shire and Shamsa Mohamed Foot
Song: Haraad
Studio: eyeforaphoto
Directed by: eyeforaphoto

Comment: Another fantastic use by high quality camera. I love how this video portrays tradition and also a great collaboration by two talented singers.

10) Leyla by Abdikhaliq Mohamed Sirat

Artist: Abdikhaliq Mohamed Sirat
Song: Leyla
Studio: Abdinasir Cirro
Directed by: Abdinasir Cirro

Comment: A good video and a great voice by A M Sirat.

We are sure we will be seeing more and more music videos that keep setting the bar for Somali music in general. We believe this is the next arena where Somali artists need to portray their talents and to show that they can produce sophisticated music videos that show their teams technical ability and their own ability to get their music’s message across. However, we don’t want to get to a stage where the level of sophistication of the music videos is the only thing that matters, the voice/lyrics of the singer should always be considered.

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Waraysigii Fanaanada Sanadka Fartuun Omar

Posted on 21. Mar, 2011 by admin in News

You can listen to the Fartuun Omar Songs here page.

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Women in Somali Music

Posted on 05. Mar, 2011 by admin in News

The importance of equality is something that we are all aware of and there is no exception when it comes to Women in Somali Music.

Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions – it only guarantees equality of opportunity. Irving Kristol

There have been many comments across the Somali Music website, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter on how Somali women should act when singing. The reoccurring theme is that women should be well covered especially when it comes to the hair. As usual women have a very difficult chose to make that men do not even have to consider. Lets consider both sides of the coin.

On the one hand, if a woman wears a hijab and sings i.e. in a Somali music video then some may think she is a hypocrite and they will criticise her. On the other hand, if a Somali women singing in a music video does not wear a hijab she will still be criticised as she is not covering herself. Indeed this is a double edged sword.

We would like to hear your thoughts on this. Is there a correct decision to make? What would that be?

Please vote and comment!

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Only Registered Members Can Download!

Posted on 04. Mar, 2011 by admin in News

To regulate the large amount of traffic and the impact it has on our bandwidth we will only enable download for registered members. If you wish to download songs that are not covered by copyright you will now have to register to download. Its takes less than 60 seconds to register and please don’t forget to verify your email by checking your mail or junk folder in some cases and then click on the link supplied.

For those already registered, no change for you, just continue enjoying Somali Music! :)

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More people means a bigger Server!

Posted on 03. Mar, 2011 by admin in News

We have been busy the past two/three weeks moving the Somali Music site to a new bigger server to better handle the amount of people using the site! Just to give you an idea on how the number of people using Somali Music has changed over time, please look at this graph below by

You can see that on the 1st of Jan 2011: 3,412 people came to the Somali Music site, and since then it has grown every day, hence the new server!

Thank you to everyone for supporting and using Somali Music! If you require any help or find any problems/bugs just contact us or leave a comment below.


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Somali Music Song Requests

Posted on 13. Feb, 2011 by admin in News

The Song Request feature has proven to be very popular to the point where we are getting flooded with requests every day! This is a good thing, although it means it makes us very busy! However, in this way the community is helping us make a single complete source for Somali Music since missing songs are being added on the request of the Somali music community.

Although it has become popular, it does mean people have a to wait a little longer than usual for us to find the song and add it. So we apologise if you have been waiting for a while, we will eventually get to your song!

If you would like to request a song that you have not found on our site please use this page to request a song.

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Reporting and Correcting Songs

Posted on 06. Feb, 2011 by admin in News

When we created the Somali Music website we wanted to create a place that allowed anyone to have access to Somali Music on a clean and simple platform that was both complete and correct.

To make the final step true, the completeness and correctness of the Somali Music site we need your help! We appreciate everyone that can lend a hand with this. It will only take 10 seconds of your time and will ultimately improve the site for everyone, including yourself!

Here is what we are asking everyone to do:

When you are listening to a song and you spot a mistake, it could be things like:

  • The song name is incorrect or spelt wrong or just shows “Track 1” etc
  • When the Song Playing does not match the Song Name or Artist Name
  • When the song image is incorrect

If any of the above is true or you find other problems.  Pleas click the “Report” tab and report the problem with your correction, we will then receive this report and action it.

Report Song Screenshot

The most popular Somali song of all time?

Posted on 24. Jan, 2011 by admin in News

I have always wondered what the most popular Somali song of all time could be. When I say popular, I mean just purely in terms of the number of people that have heard a particular song. Well thankfully we can take an approximate guess by basing it on the most listened to song on

Well are you ready to find out? Firstly, its a song by Xasan Aden Samatar, no big suprise there. It is called Markaan Da’da Jiray Shan iyo Toban! Listen to it below:

  • Markaan Da'da Jiray 15

This song has had 24,128 listens since when it was first added to in August!

As a tribute, here are the lyrics to this song.

Markaan Da’da jirey shan iyo toban
markaan damac guur lasoo kacey
dookheeyga markaan u sahantagey
nafteyda midaa u door bido
da’deed anigoon ka garaneeyn
hablaha ka deeydayo midaan idhi
dabeecadaheeda gaar iyo
bal aan dulaha tilmaamee
dhulkoo danbarsame ku hooroo
dunida maasheeyey waaguye
midabka biyo dahab sidoodii
ishaan, deymadaan ka boganoo
jeedalada waa u dawiyo nabade.

caashaqan mudo badan
mudo badan i daashadey
riyoda taan doonisteedee
hurdada daris kula ahaan jirey
dabeeyshiyo dhaxanta deeyreed
dugsiga tii iiga noqon leeyd
armey ii daraneeyn adiga tahayeey.

Dooda iyo kulankeenii barashadada
deexdiyo hadalkaagii macaanaa
dawooy samirkiyo dulqaadkii
imaankiyo daacadaadii
dubaakheey taan jecleeystee
naftayda mideey ku dagi layd
armeey daraneey adiga tahayeey

If you would like to see more popular songs just view the Most Popular Somali Songs on

Well what do you think? Is there a more popular song?

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Calling All New Somali Music Artists!

Posted on 20. Jan, 2011 by admin in News

Are you a Somali Singer/Song Writer/Muscian? Have you recently created or thinking about creating your own songs? Well, we want to hear from you!

We are always excited when people contact us about their new songs and we are now at a stage where we are actively looking for new Somali Artists with original songs.

The first person we would like to introduce is Arke. Arke contacted us quite a while ago, however, since we were very busy it’s only now that we can introduce him.

Arke aims to make  honest music, whilst not going overboard with expressing reality be it negative or positive. This  talented rapper currently located in Switzerland has decided to use the rap name Arke rather than using a birth name which Somali Musicians tend to do quiet often.

Arke says that he is “doing music for the love of doing music” as he doubts many Af-Soomaali Rappers are making a living off Somali Rap Music. Arke’s aim is to help cement a foundation for Af-Soomaali Rap, that’s why he is passionately holding the shovel with both hands!

Currently Arke has made 6 songs,  You can find some of these songs and future songs in his section on Somali Music.

You must remember, Arke produces some of his Music, writes  all his songs and raps in these songs. He is currently not backed by a studio and is not signed to a record label. Yet he still makes these amazing raw demos on his own! It is very rare for a musician to perform all aspects of music productions themselves.

These two  songs in particular are a favourite of ours:

Illaahoow Iga Gudoonsii Salaan by Arke and Caawo by Arke

As always, you the listeners are encouraged to give constructive criticism to these artists using the comment form at the bottom of the page of every song.

If you would like us to demo your songs on just contact us!

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Habeenkii Boon Xirsi

Posted on 19. Jan, 2011 by admin in News


DATE: 22.01.2011 SATURDAY

PRICE ; £20

TIME: 19.00 – 00 MIDNIGHT

BUSES:18, 211 PR2





Sanad Cusub oo Wacan iyo Wanaagsan!

Posted on 30. Dec, 2010 by admin in News

I am sure we are all aware that we are in the year 1432 of the muslim calendar already which began around the 26th of November 2010 of the Gregorian calendar. However, many of us are obliged to follow the Gregorian calendar due to work, education and generally the countries we live in.

So from all of us at Somali Music we would like to say “Have a blessed new year!”

Cabdiqadir AJ has released a new song for the new year, listen via YouTube below or follow this link: Sanadyaho.

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You have spoken!

Posted on 24. Dec, 2010 by admin in News

The votes are in and its been counted!

Thank you to everyone who voted and we are very excited to announce that we will be creating a forum for Somali Music, this should be ready very soon!

You can see from the above pie chart that there was a high percentage of people that said Yes to a forum!

When the new forum is launched we hope everyone can register and start talking about Somali Music and anything else. So don’t be shy!


We have nearly finished setting up the forum!

You can check it out here: Somali Music Forum

Please register and start posting! We are also looking for a few moderators and admins, contact us via the forum if you are interested.

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Would you like to have a forum?

Posted on 12. Dec, 2010 by admin in News

This is a quick poll to find out if should have a forum – cast your votes now, it only takes a second! If you don’t think a forum is appropriate, feel free to suggest something else!

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Mohamed Mooge Liibaan is Reborn!

Posted on 11. Dec, 2010 by admin in News

An impressively young Somali boy named Ahmed, currently living in Washington aged 14, has a welcomed talent in playing the Kaban.  You’ll see him singing and playing the Kaban in the following three videos.

As a Somali, I am proud to see young Somali people demonstrating their culture with such passion and skill. We have our eyes on you Ahmed, we are sure you will continue to impress us and we look forward to future videos that you post on your YouTube channel.

I encourage everyone reading this to subscribe to his channel and add him as a friend or even better send him a message of encouragement via Youtube.

Please note, the Youtube videos have a slight lag in them.

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Dhig Ama Dhaqo The Movie: London Premiere

Posted on 03. Dec, 2010 by admin in News

I am sure you are all aware of this new movie by Nabiil Hassan premiering in London on December the 17th. I will be attending this premier and I will write a follow up post to this to give a review and hopefully take some pictures. I will also place a link to this post on this page.

Film Name

Dhig Ama Dhaqo

Date, Time and Location

Friday, December 17 at 6:30pm – December 18 at 12:00am (Film starts AT 8pm)

Copland Community School & Technology Centre

Cecil Av, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 7DU

London, United Kingdo


Kaltuum Bacado, Siyaad Sweden, Showtime, Sumaya, Sahra Jess, Liibaan. abdiqadir.
A film By Nabiil Hassan Nur. Produced by Maanta Media Pro 2010


This film is about a young girl who is ready to settle down and gets married with a young man. who treats her quite bad, and divorce her, she is strugle with life and every one around her tells her to be patient. nd then he lets her go so easy and she finds a great man who treats her like a queen…

” This film is an amazing feat of ambition and imagination, it does not shy away from the reality of the heart-ache love can cause and the issues many young marriages go through. Anyone looking for laughs with just a gentle pull on the old heartstrings won’t find anything better than ” Dhig Ama Dhaqo ” The Movie


Click here for the Facebook Fan Page

Why do our younger generation prefer non-somali music?

Posted on 22. Nov, 2010 by admin in News

It is not uncommon for our younger Somali generation that have grown up in the western world to listen to western music and shy away from Somali music. Why is this?

Language Barrier

One of the main reasons is that the younger generation who have grown up in western countries do not have a good grasp of the Somali language. This in itself is a problem which may lie with the parents but because of this language barrier it will be hard for them to listen to Somali music and to understand the lyrics.

Why would anyone listen to something that they do not understand? Simply put, they wouldn’t.


Furthermore, our younger generation may not have adequate exposure to Somali music. If one does not come into contact with Somali music then what is the probability that they will listen to Somali music. Zero, would be the probability. Do our younger generation even know where to find Somali music? Is it easily accessible?

Even if it is accessible it does not necessarily mean they will opt for it.


Maybe there are not enough Somali musicians and singers that the younger generation can relate to. I mean only the older generation will understand and appreciate legendary singers such as Mohamed Suleman Tubeec , Mohammed Mooge Liibaan and Halimo Magool. Do we expect the younger generation to relate to these singers?

Firstly, there is a large age gap, so large that some teenagers were not even born when these singers were in their prime. Secondly, the topic of the songs, again, may not be something that the younger generation can relate to.

However, we do have new talent that the younger generation should be listening to such Aar Maanta , but it’s sad to say that they are listening to other things. This does not mean they should be listening to only Somali music but to at least have some dose of Somali music!


How do we address this? This problem of our younger generation listening to western music and not Somali music is a problem that shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet as it is inherently telling us that there is deeper underlying problem which can dramatically impact Somali culture and tradition in the near future.

What can be done to address this problem?

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Ciid Wanaagsan!

Posted on 14. Nov, 2010 by admin in News

A small present from for your eid day! 7 songs about eid for you to listen to! You can download it too, just press the green arrow! 

  • Ciid Mubaarak by Abdiqaadir AJ
  • Alla Maanta Ayaanta - Maxamed Saleebaan Tubeec
  • Heesta Ciida - Jooqle iyo Fuad Omar
  • Ciid Wanaagsan - Wadani Stars
  • Waa Ciida Ciida - Wadani Stars (NEW 2010)
  • Waa Ciidee Ciida Maanta - Maryan Mursal Ciise
  • Ciida Ciida Ciid Wanaagsan Ciida - Kooxda Xarbi (Djibouti)
  • Alla Maanta Ayaanta - Maxamed Saleebaan Tubeec (REMIX by DJ Caqil)

Download Download Ciid Songs Now!


Kooxda Xarbi Djibout

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Interview with Deeqa Ahmed Gaydh (Hadhwanaag)

Posted on 14. Nov, 2010 by admin in News

Radio Hadhwanaag oo Waraysi Layeshay Fanaanada Wayn ee Caanka ah ee reer Djibouti Deeqa Ahmed Gaydh oo kunool Magalada Ottawa ee Dalka Canada Waraysi qaade Wariyeha Caanka ah C/Qadir Husein Guuleed.

Radio Hadhwanaag oo Waraysi Layeshay Fanaanada Wayn ee Caanka ah ee reer Djibouti Deeqa Ahmed Gaydh oo kunool Magalada Ottawa ee Dalka Canada Waraysi qaade Wariyeha Caanka ah C/Qadir Husein Guuleed.

Listen to Interview

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Posted on 11. Nov, 2010 by admin in News

By Aasia Ali (Somalilandpress)

I am a Somali mother of one, from Uxbridge West London, who has not written anything this long since leaving university nearly six years ago. Please stay with me while I explain the title of my article and the events that led me to write my first blog.

One Sunday afternoon last month I went shopping with my son to nearby Hayes, which is a west London town in the London Borough of Hillingdon with a diverse population. However, when you look closely the different communities of Hayes are often segregated, hardly mixing and only socializing with their own. What is more saddening is the fact that my community is even more segregated on the basis of gender, political, tribal and so on.

While on the bus and approaching our stop we heard familiar loud music and singing coming from the town centre, as I approached the stairs, through the window of our bus I could see the common bright colour dresses of Somali mothers and their children. Before I could make sense of what was going on I was literally chasing my son down the stairs, across the zebra crossing, before ending up in the mother of all Somali mother parties in Hayes town shopping centre.

I have only ever seen Aar Maanta in one of his videos, in a song called Saafi on the Somali channel Universal TV. For some reason, it was the only Somali song my son used to love watching. Perhaps it was the same reason why the mothers and their children at the event knew his songs so well. Nevertheless everyone seemed care free, dancing, clapping while singing along or videoing the joyful moment on their phones.

I was glad we arrived in time for the rest of his show. Unlike current Somali singers Aar Maanta looked comfortable singing live, sharing jokes with his audience and the group of traditionally dressed children that accompanied him. However, it wasn’t long before someone tried to disrupt our innocent family fun and turn it into a religious issue.

There was an elderly Somali man going around the crowd, blackmailing the mothers and pleading with them to stop their “haraam” forbidden activity. This was a test in which Aar Maanta came through really well. In between songs he directly addressed the old man “it is not forbidden to be happy, if you’re not happy with us you’re free to go elsewhere.” In no time the embarrassed elderly man disappeared. In my opinion this man and other disruptive men who always cause problems at Somali events are unhappy people who cannot see other people progress.

This event was part of Hayes Town Festival organised with the help of Sahan Society (a Somali mother and children centre in Hayes.) Hence, the large number of mothers and their children present. However, I could see more and more shoppers of different ages and ethnicity joining the street party, enticed by the cosmopolitan mix of Western and African sounds created by Aar Maanta and the diverse members of his band. In uniting us regardless of tribe, gender and age, Aar Maanta and the organisers of that event achieved what many of our politicians and community leaders could not achieve for many years. This is what integration was all about.

Later that day, after going home as a new fan, I found numerous articles about Aar Maanta online, most of which surprisingly were written by none Somalis. For example, Marloes Stofferis of STARAFRICA.COM called him A Somali Culture Shaper in London. Judging by his performance and the reaction of his audience that day I had to agree with her.

I would like to add in his support that Aar Maanta’s music is for the present as his name suggests (Mr Today in English.) It is modern Somali music to be proud of and to share with others. As a Somali mother, that day was a liberating experience and a culturally proud moment, where members of other communities saw us in a more joyful and positive light at least for thirty minutes.

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Aar Maanta: Isku Xiraha Fankii Shalay iyo Fanka Maanta!

Posted on 26. Oct, 2010 by admin in News

Fannaanka weyn ee Xasan Aadan Samatar, oo ay dad badani ku qaddariyaan inuu yahay boqorka masraxa, ayaa maalin dhoweyd ku amaanay Aar Maanta inuu yahay isku xiraha fankii hore iyo kan casriga ah ee Soomaaliyeed.

Anigoo ah suxufi, kana mid ah dadka jecel fanka markii aan arkay ammaanta Samatar ee ku wajahan Aar Maanta ayaan is waydiiyay labo suaalood; Waa ayo Aar Maanta? Miyuuse u qalmaa ammaantaas?

Shabakadaha caalamka ayaan baaray, dad aqoon u leh fannaankana waan wareystey, si aan u ogaado taariikhda Aar Maanta iyo wuxuu ku mutaystay amaantan.

Aar yaraantiisii intii uu Soomaaliya joogay ayuu xiiseyn jiray fanka, oo qeyb ka ahaa noloshiisa. Hase yeeshee markii uu tegay Britain wuxuu keli ku noqday nolol iyo dhaqan ku cusub, wuxuuse isku dayay inuu raadiyo miyuusig, isagoo rumeysnaa in dalka uu tegay uu yahay hoyga suugaanta casriga ah. Miyuusigga siduu u baran lahaa ayuu iskuul u galay, kaddibna jaamacad.

Habeen habeennada ka mid ah Aar isagoo xiriirinaya masrax ayaa la waayay fannaankii heesi lahaa, markiiba qof ay saaxiibo yihiin ayaa kula teliyay inuu beddelo fannaanka la waayay, oo uu meesha ka heeso, habeenkaas ayaa ugu horreysay masrax uu ka heeso, heestii koowaad markii ay dadweynihii ka heleen ayuu ogaaday inuu heesi karo, waxayna u noqotay billow fiican, oo ilaa maanta wuu heesaa, waana fannaan dal iyo dibadba laga jecel yahay.

Aar Maanta si madaxbannaan ayuu u sameystaa miyuusigga, soo saarista heesaha iyo curinta erayada, waxaana u shaqeeya istuudiye uu isagu leeyahay. Wuxuu fankiisa uga hadlaa: Hiddaha iyo Dhaqanka Soomaalida, Dhibaatooyinka dagaallada sokeeye iyo qurbaha, dareenka nolosha, jaceylka iyo waxyaabo kale oo la mid ah.

Aar Maanta waa fannaanka keliya ee dhallinyaro ah oo si toos ah masrax uga heesa, iyadoo loo garaacayo miyuusig toos ah (live music). In badan wuxuu isku dayay inuu isku keeno dhallinyaro Soomaaliyeed, oo ay koox wada noqdaan, laakiin taasi uma aanay suuragelin. Inkastoo hadda uu leeyahay koox ka kooban dhallinyaro dalal kala duwan u dhalatay sida Talyaani, Ingiriis, Polan iyo Mali, oo uu isagu aasaasay sanadkii 2008.

Aar heesihiisa muuqaalka ah, waxaa lagu dhex arkaa waxyaabo ka tarjumaya heesta, sida ficillo xoojinaya dareenka ay heesta gudbineyso ama sheekada ay xambaarsan tahay. “Waxaan doonayaa in aan wax la qaybsanno dunida kale oo aan sidooda wax heer sare ah sameyno, waxaana doonayaa heesahaygu waxey ka hadlayaan in ay ka muuqdaan videoga” ayuu yiri Aar.

Markaan dib u milicsaday heesaha fanaanka Soomaaliyeed ee Aar Maanta, waxaa ii soo baxday inuu jeexday dhabbe cusub, oo uusan ku xadgudbin fannaaniintii waaweyneyd ee Waaberi, sidii ay sameeyeen dhallinyarada qurbaha ka soo heesta ee iska qaata heeso hore oo ay u badan yihiin kuwa boqorka masraxa Xasan Aadan Samatar.

Baaritaankeyga waxa kale oo iiga soo baxday in dhallinyarada qurbaha heesaha ka soo qaada, uu Aar u yahay tusaale fiican, maxaa yeelay wuxuu ahaa fanaaniintii ugu horeeyey, ee dagaalkii iyo burburkii Soomaaliya kadib, la gole yimid hal-abuur iyo heeso cusub oo dareen leh, miyuusig casri ah oo u gooni ah iyo muuqaallo sheekooyin wata, kuwaasoo u horseeday inuu kasbado taageerayaal tiro badan.

W.D: Abdirahman Taysiir

Links-yada hoose waxaad ka daawan kartaa qaar ka mid ah heesaha muuqaalka ah ee uu Aar sameeyay:

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K’naan wins MOBO Award in U.K.

Posted on 23. Oct, 2010 by admin in News

Somali-Canadian singer K’naan was declared best African act at the MOBO Awards in Liverpool, U.K., Wednesday night.

K’naan won in a field that included Angélique Kidjo of Benin, BLK JKS from South Africa, Spain’s Concha Buika and Nigerian duo P-Square. K’naan, who had an international hit with his Wavin’ Flag and performed at the World Cup, often focuses on his Somali heritage in his writing.

The singer, who escaped the war-torn country for Canada when he was a child, believes the world has forgotten about Somalia. ”I understand why. I understand the silence . The difference between early ’90s and now is that Somalia broke America’s heart in the ’90s, that’s literally what happened,” he said in a recent interview.

“After Somalia, it’s the reason why America did not go in to mediate in Rwanda. The result is a million people died.”

The 32-year-old singer said his often melancholy work is a reflection of the contrast between the life he is living as an international star and the plight of friends and family still suffering in Somalia. ”I do most of my work to publicly forgive myself,” he said.

“Somalia’s scenario is that it’s not good left alone, and it’s even worse intervened. That’s the dilemma of Somalia, because we do not accept foreign intervention…. It doesn’t seem like we can fix our own problems either. That’s the tragedy of Somalia,” he said.


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