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Aar Maanta Hayes Town Festival

Posted on 22. Oct, 2010 by admin in News

Aar Maanta at hayes town in association with Sahan Society Centre. This is the first time this sort thing has happened, a somali performance in Hayes Town. Very well done Aar Maanta!

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New Album by Faysal Yusuf Coming Soon!

Posted on 16. Oct, 2010 by admin in News

Faysal Yusuf also known as Faysal yare is a young talented Somali Singer. After completing his popular album Gacalo, Faysal Yusuf will be introducing a new album that will be coming out very soon within a few weeks time. So stay tuned!

Saado Cali oo Sabtiga ruxeysa South Afrika

Posted on 09. Oct, 2010 by admin in News

Fanaanadda Qaranka Soomaaliyeed ee Saado Cali Warsame ayaa maalinka Sabtida habeenkeeda oo ay taariiqdu ku beegan tahay 09- Oktober 2010-ka Bandhig faneed aad u xiisa badan ku qaban doonto magaalada Cape-town ee dalka South Africa.

Bandhig faneedkan oo ah mid si weyn umaqsuud gelin doono bulshada Soomaaliyeed ee ku dhaqan koonfur africa, gaar ahaan kuwa ku nool gobolka western cape ayaa waxaa uu ka dhacayaa magaalada Cape-town, gaar ahaan jaamacadda Bellville South.

Hadaba tikidku waxaa uu bilaabanayaa saacaddu markey tahay shanta galabnimo (5:00PM) ee xiliga South Africa, iyadoo bandhig faneedkaan aadka u xiisaha badan ay iyana si toos ah u bilaaban doonto sideeda fiidnimo (8:00PM) ee isla waqtiga k/africa.

Wixii faah faahin ah oo intaasi dheer kala xiriir guddiga qaban qaabada oo aad ka heli kartid taleefan lambarkan:

ama xafiiska calanka ee S/africa +27735137388


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Somalia Sings Songs of the New Era

Posted on 03. Oct, 2010 by admin in News

We are very fortunate to have received a unique historical recording, the LP Somalia Sings Songs of the New Era (Radio Mogadishu SBSLP-100) issued in 1972 in the first flush of Somalia’s “Scientific Socialist Revolution”. We are grateful for Abdijabar Mohammed sending us this rare gem! The artists that you will here in the following were all members of Waaberi, the house-band of the Ministry of Information and National Guidance.

  • Soomalida Manta - Waaberi Artists

These are the first words of the song: ‘A Revolution dawned in Somalia today – October 21st – and is taking gigantic strides toward progress every year, every day, every hour and every wink.’ This song, composed by the talented composer Mohamoud Abdillahi Sangub, marks the international cause of the Revolution in Somalia as can be observed in the first few words. It also emphasizes Somalia’s call for equality for the whole of mankind without arrogance and domination by some over others, for the elimination of colonialism; for international effort toward such elimination and for the execution of the human principles asserting the right of self-determination of various peoples in every part of the world.

  • Aynaanka Hay - Abdi Muhumud Amin & Waaberi Artists

This song is one of the highly valued and widely spread songs of the New Era composed by the nationalist artist, Abdi Muhumud and sung by himself with the help of the Waaberi chorus.  This widely admired song which met international recognition of many artists from friendly countries is dedicated to the beloved leader and Father of the Nation, Jaalle Maj. Mohamed Siad Barre. Its main theme goes: ‘The right path you have shown us; Our beloved leader march on; Our triumphant cause be its maintainer; Towards ultimate victory lead us ever.

  • Gobanimo - Mohamed Suleiman & Hibo Mohamed

The composer of this number, Hussein Aw Farah, is one of the outstanding Revolutionary and patriotic songs composers in the Somali Democratic Republic. In this song he points out the reason why the Armed Forces, with the overwhelming support of the Somali people, took over the power from the corrupt civilian regimes who misruled the country for nine years. He explains that our sovereignty was in danger of total collapse, but the Armed Forces are now ready to defend it at the cost of their lives.

  • Ha Iilan - Ahmed Ali Egal & Waaberi Artists

This is one of the numerous Revolutionary songs aimed at encouraging the Father of the Nation, Jaalle Maj. General Mohamed Siad Barre, to hold high the banner of the blessed Revolution and to fight against colonialism and all its traces. The composer Abdi M. Amin, who has been honoured for his Revolutionary thoughts, again puts more emphasis in his words which goes: “Forward ever, Backward Never!

  • Midab Gumeysi Diida - Waaberi Artists with Abdi Ali Baalwan & Daleis

This song was composed by Mohamoud Abdillahi Singub & sung by Waaberi Artists with Abdi Ali Baalwan & Daleis in the leading role. the composer calls the African leaders to be united against the evils of colonialism, imperialism and Apartheid. The first words of this song point out why colonialism finds its way in Africa. ‘Without strong bulwark, Ian Smith would have not dared to snatch off Rhodesia, nor Portugal tried to stay in Angola and Mozambique and to perpetuate genocide against African people, not the memory of the invisible knives to kill the freedom of Guinea in the dark faded away yet. We are also aware of the plight of Africans in South Africa.

I hope you enjoyed the above and we would appreciate any comments about the above recordings.

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Instrumental Somali Music

Posted on 28. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

A quick note to inform you that has created a new category where you will find Somali Instrumental Music. Click here to listen to Somali Instrumental Music.

You will recognize the instrumental songs as they will have a small green icon next to them indicating that they are music only. Enjoy!

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The State of Somali Music

Posted on 27. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

Somali people have a rich musical heritage centered on traditional Somali folklore. Somali songs are usually the product of collaboration between lyricists (midho), songwriters (laxan), and singers (Codka or “voice”). Bands such as Waaberi and Horseed have gained a small following outside of the country. Others, such as Ahmed Cali Cigal and Maryam Mursal, have fused traditional Somali music with rock and roll, bossa nova, jazz, and other modern influences.

However, the current state of Somali Music although hampered by a non existent uncooperative government has managed to flourish fantastically with an array of talented new singers such as Aar Maanta and Farhia Fiska coming to the stage. In addition, legends such as Nimco Yasin and Hassan Aden Samatar are still keeping us entertained. However, there are two issues that need to be addressed in Somali Music and it needs to improved. I hope to discuss these issues in this article whilst providing plausible remedies.

Singers Copying Lyrics

I think we are all aware that lyrics used in the past are being used again but what we are not aware of is its reason. What we seem to do is place blame on the singers themselves. Granted they may partially be to blame but what we have to understand is that there are hundreds of singers and not enough lyricists. We currently have a count of 330 artists at and this isn’t by no means a conclusive number. The number of lyrists that we are aware of can be counted on our fingers. The ratio difference is too wide.

Simply put, we need more lyricists and a smoother collaboration process between singers and lyricists.

Somali Music Videos

Another issue is the production of  Somali music videos. The majority of Somali Music videos comprises of the singer standing in front of the video camera and swinging from side to side for the duration of the song without any activity. There is no story in the music video, there is no change of scenery except for those computer generated graphics. If we compare Somali music videos to what the rest of the world produces we are far behind.

This is something that the majority (not all) of Somali artists have been doing for a while and this needs to change. Again, we can not say it’s the fault of the singers it is more likely that the producers and technical producers not being as advanced technically as we like them to be.

Having said this, there is a fantastic array of Somali music videos that are produced and directed well but these are in the minority. Here are a few examples. The first one is by Aar Maanta (Deeqa) and the second is by Mohamed Afary and Fartun Cumar (Suuban).

Lack of Resources

It is evident that there is a lack of resources within the Somali Music industry. Many musicians do not see singing as a career. They dabble in it when they can but they do not see it as a full time career for them and this is because there isn’t a large enough financial reward and media attention for them to pursue it fully as a career.

Lets put the lack of resources into perspective by comparing the Somali Music industry to the rest of the world. A music video that Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson produced for their song “scream” cost $7M. We can say for sure that this has not happened within the Somali Music industry, in fact the whole industries worth may be less than this. The blame here is with the Somali government or lack of government.

In the past, when a strong Somali state with a government existed, singers looked forward to performing in theaters such as the Chinese built Somali National Theater which gave potential musicians a source of motivation to sing at a respectable place and to become an experienced singer. Dance and vocal training existed for potential singers too. The same can not be said for today’s potential musicians and it is evident in some singers dancing technique.

If we look at the past and use Saado Ali Warsame as an example, she is a fantastic dancer and a talented singer and a great basis to compare other Somali artists. If we have a look at some of her videos , we can see she is clearly talented and the video has been choreographed well by trained professionals. Abdi Salaad Beerdilaacshe also shows us his a skilled twist dancer!

The first video is by Saado Ali Warsame and Abdi Salaad Beerdilaacshe. The second video includes Wabari stars (Hibo, Saado, Qamar and faynuus)  from the then very popular “riwaayad” known as Hablayahow hadmaad guursan doontaan.

It is true that some people are more gifted in dancing and can come naturally however dancing is something that can be learned and improved upon. It would be great to see a little more action and movement in Somali Music videos in terms of dancing. It is feasible to say that better music videos will highlight the singers ability to dance.


Although this article points out flaws in the Somali Music industry it does not in any way intended to be inflammatory. It is simply written from a group of people who admire Somali Musicians and want them to rise to the top. A negative light has been shone on the Somali Music industry, this is not to say its all bad. We have a multitude of brilliant singers such as Nimco Dareen, Abriahman Koronto, Fartuun Birimo…this list can go on forever!

We would appreciate any thoughts that you may have on the State of Somali Music and what can be done about it. Please comment, contact us and share this article with your peers.

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Kooxda qayla dhaan iyo Habaynkii Columbus Ohio

Posted on 27. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

Boqolaal Jaaliyada Soomaalida Gobolka Ohio iyo kuwo ka yimid gobolada qaar ayaa ka soo qayb galay xaflad si weyn loo soo agaasimay oo loo sameeyay Kooxda qaylo dhaan, waxaana xafladan, oo in badna oo jaaliyada kamid ahi ay ka so qayb galeen, lagu qabtay Hoolka weyn ee RAMADA isla magaalada Columbus ee dalka Maraykanka.

Furitaankii xafladan waxaa ka hadlay Alifihii heesta qayla dhaan Cabdi Shire Jaamac, oo dadka uga mahad celiayay soo dhaweyntooda, asaga oo dhanka kalana dadka tusaaleeyay ahmiyada ay qaranimada iyo midnimadu leedahay, waxana u soo qaatay tusaalooyin, ku wajahan dhibaatada xanunka badan ee ka jirta Soomaaliya & sida aan wali lo dareemin.

Cabdi Shire waxa uu sheegay in dhibaatooyinka ku hareeraysan Soomaaliya ay ka midyihiin in dadka lakala sareeysiiyo, asaga oo aragtidiisa ku cabiray hees cusub oo la baxday (4.5 Bulshayahay hayeelina), oo marka aad dhagaystao aad dareemayso, in kala saraysiinta dadku ay tahay dib u dhaca bulshada, iyo horseedka bur bur loo sii siqo, waxa uu ka hadlay qilaafaadkii u danbeeyay ee ku aadanaa dhinaca dastuurka oo ay ayada laf ahaanteeda ka sameeyeen hees la baxday (Dib u dhiga Dastuurka) waxana u ugu baaqay Soomaalida in ay Midnimo raadiyaan kana baxaan gumaysiga sokeeye ee ay dhexda uga jiraan.

Asli Calansida oo ah gabar caana lagana yaqaan in badan oo caalmakaa si weyna loogu xasuusto shirkii Carta ee lagu doortay C/qaasim, ayaa ayadu xafladan uga timid gobolka TEXAS, ee dalka Maraykanka, waxayna dad weynihii ka so qayb galay xaflada oo dhalinyaro u badnaa ku boorisay in laga shaqeeyo sidii xal loo heli lahaa dhalinyaraduna ay ka faa’iidaystaan fursada qaaligaa ee ay manta haystaan, si ay dalka Bari u anfacaan, Asli waxa ay ahayd gabr ka ilmaysiisay boqolaal dad ah oo meesha isugu yimid kadib marki ay ka ooyday, Heesta 4.5 oo ah hees qiiro wadani nimo xanbaarsan.

Waxaa goobta ka heesayay oo heeso noocwalbaa qaadayay fanaaniin badan oo ay ka mid yihiin:  Sahro Dawo, Ahmed Rasto, Jooqle Shire, C/Nuur Daljir, C/wali, Raage yariisoow Iyo kuwo kale o dadkii meesha ka so qayb galay ku qanciayay heeso xul ah iyo music macaan, waxayna xafladani soo gaba gaboowday xili danbe oo ay jawi dagan ku soo dhamaatay.

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Jooqle In Minneapolis VIB Awards

Posted on 25. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

Waa fanaanka weyn ee jooqle oo loogu qabatay xalfaad si aad u heersareyso magalada Minneapolis.

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Saado Ali Warsame Visits South Africa

Posted on 25. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

South Africa Queen Saado Ali Warsame finally comes to South Africa, after much anticipation and yearning by SSC patriots and Somalis alike to see the queen live and to hear her beautiful SSC words, she has indeed granted the wishes of her supporters by coming to the country at last.

The Queen’s flight landed at the Johannesburg International Airport approximately 11am Johannesburg time today, where crowd of Somali people, SSC people and Ogadenia people awaited to show their unified support for her bravery, courage, beauty to shine above and beyond her league and to defend just and righteous when most turned away.

Queen Saado Ali’s is not only loved for the depth of the meaning intertwined in her songs but also the ‘sound’ of her voice is totally unique and priceless.

Queen Saado Ali’s followers come in all shapes, sizes and accents, she truly is the ‘Queen without Borders’, the extent of turn out in every country she visits gives us all a glimpse of her worldwide supporters and the number of hearts she has touched without realising. It is difficult to think of a single Somali lady for the past two decades that has managed to have such an impact, even those who refuse to notice for prejudice and tribalistic reasons admit her extraordinary ooze among our generation.

She is a true patriot, her selfless voicing for what she believes is just rather than what she thinks people ought to hear is worth admiring. Her ability to capture crowds of people around the world is worth respecting and of course her beautiful rhymes of ‘dal qudha’ or ‘one country’ is worth memorising and teaching future generations so that they would inject that same aura of patriotism to those that will live the end of time.


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Wareysi Jooqle

Posted on 24. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

An interview with Abdi Shire Jamac Jooqle (Abdulaahi Shire) conducted by Somali TV Minnesota.

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Review the Eid Concert in London

Posted on 22. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

Somali Stars EID party London 2010
Shamsa foot
Abdi Xaaji

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Wareysi Nimco Dareen: Oodweynenews

Posted on 19. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

London(Oodweynenews) – Waxaan jecelahay inaad kusoo dhawaataan waraysi gaar ah oo aanu khadka Telefoonka kula xidhiidhnay Fanaanadda Caanka ee Nimco Cabdi (NIMCO DAREEN) oo safar ku Maraysa wadanka Maraykanka waxaanay ka warantay ujeedada Safarka iyo Waxay kala kulantay wadankaas.

Nimco Dareen ayaa waxay tahay Fanaaniinta aadka looga jecel yahay daafaha Caalamka hadal haynteeduna ay aad u badan tahay , Nimco oo sheegtay safarkan ay ku marayso wadanka Maraykanka uu ku saabsan yahay Bandhig Faneed, waxaanay aad ugu mahad celinaysaa dadka ku nool wadankaas oo kusoo dhaweeyey gacmo furan.

Hadaba maantana waxaad waraysigan ku maqli doontaan sida kulul ay Fanaanadda Qaaliga ee Nimco ah sheegtay in Maqaal been abuur ah oo lagu caayayo lagu qoray shebekedda Calanka .com , Waxaanay Nimco tilmaantay inaanay haboonayn in Shebekedaha laysku caayo , waxana ay tilaamtay in ninka qoraalka qoray oo isku magacaabay Cisman Fantastic uu u adeegsaday shebekadda ujeedo gaar u ah oo aanan garanayn.

Nimco Dareen oo sheegtay inuu Ninkaasi qoraalkaas ka saaro iskuna xishoodo, waxanay Inta Fanka Jecel ay u sheegaysaa inaanay waxba ka jirin qoraalkaas,waraysigaas xiisaha badan waxa la yeeshay wariyaha Oodweynenews ee Magaalada London Ibraahim Armani ee dhegaysi wanaagsan waraysigii oo dhamays tiran.

  • Dhegeyso Nimco Dareen Wareysi


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Nimco Dareen Interview

Posted on 16. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

Fanaanada Nimco Dareen oo hada socdaal ku Joogto wadanka Mareykanka ayaa wareysi waxaa la yeeshay Somali Tv Minisota, waxaana wareysigaan oo aad u xiiso badan ay kaga hadashay waayaheeda faneed iyo mustaqbalkeeda dhinaca fanka, sababihii ku kalifay in ay fanka ku soo biirto iyo sida ay iyadu isu aragto.

Listen and Download Music from Nimco Dareen.

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Fanaanada Farxiya Fiska oo hees cusub u qaaday Calanka Soomaaliya

Posted on 13. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

Fanaanada caanka ah ee da’da yar Farxiya Fiska ayaa hees macaan oo cusub u qaaday calanka Soomaaliyeed ee buluuga ah.Daawo Video:

Fanaanada caanka ah ee da`da yar Farxiya Fiska ayaa hees macaan oo cusub u qaaday calanka Soomaaliyeed ee buluuga ah.
Daawo Video

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Waayaha Cusub – New Album Coming Soon!

Posted on 06. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

Kooxda Waayaha cusub oo uga waramay webka Calanka Album dhawaan ay soo saari doonaan.

Gudoomiyaha kooxda Waayaha Cusub Shiine Akhayaar oo si gaar ugu waramay Shabakada Calanka ayaa tilmaamay in heesahani cusub ay ku muujinayaan dhibka al-shabaab sida hadalka uu u dhigay isla markaana yahay baraarujin dhalanyarada looga digayo howlaha al-shabaab nabadana lagu dhiira gilinayo.

Read More

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1st Islamic Eid Carnival

Posted on 05. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

The Legend Sahra Ahmed

Posted on 01. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

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Habeenka Ciida Stockholm

Posted on 01. Sep, 2010 by admin in News

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Eid Party in London

Posted on 31. Aug, 2010 by admin in News

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10 Fan Pages you should like!

Posted on 30. Aug, 2010 by admin in News

There are a lot of Somali musicians, artists and singers and you can find fan pages that they have created or others have created for them on facebook! Here is a selection that you can like now. You can use these fan pages to find out when they are holding music events so you don’t miss an event again!

In no particular order (Facebook fan pages):

Aar Maanta

Nimco Dareen

Saado Ali Warsame

Hasan Aden Samatar

Maryan Mursal Ciise

There are of course lots more fan pages but I have just selected a few to get you started!

You sometimes have to be careful, there are lots of selfish people who are impersonating our Somali fanaans!

What other fanaan pages do you like?

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Eid Party – Oslow, Norway

Posted on 29. Aug, 2010 by admin in News

10 Things about K’naan

Posted on 28. Aug, 2010 by admin in News

His songs are all over the radio and TV but how much do you know about K’Naan? Here’re are 10 facts  you might have not know about K’naan.

1) His real name is Keinan Abdi Warsame.

2) He was born in Somalia but now lives in Canada.

3) He’s a poet, rapper, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist.

4) His aunt, Magool, was one of Somalia’s most famous singers and his grandfather, Haji Mohammad, was a poet.

5) K’Naan is Muslim and his name, Keinan, means “traveler” in the Somali language.

6)  Wavin’ Flag wasn’t written as a football song. It’s a song about K’Naan’s escape from a life of war and his subsequent rise as a hip-hop star and global role model.

7) He was just 13 when his mother persuaded a US embassy official to let them leave on the last scheduled Somali Airlines flight.

8) His family moved to New York before settling in Toronto.

9)He’s almost never spotted without his trademark hat.

10) He says he shies away from the limelight and loves nothing more than spending time with his wife and two children.

You have learnt something about him, now go and listen to K’naan’s music!